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Internet saves late mother’s lullabies

Internet saves late mother’s lullabies
"For Sharry & Jared Buhanan-Decker" GoFundMe page

Sharry Buhanan-Decker passed away in June due to complications during childbirth. Her husband, Jared Buhanan-Decker is devasted and he must raise their son, James Francis (JJ) Buhanan-Decker, without her.

Luckily, Sharry left a little piece of herself behind. Before she died, she recorded some lullabies for her baby boy. Unfortunately, not all of them were finished and the files were not in a format that Jared could access. Longing to hear her voice again and to hang on to that piece of his wife, he turned to the internet for help.

Jared posted a request on Reddit, pleading for help with converting the music files into MP3 files or another more user-friendly format. Not only did one Reddit user volunteer to complete the task within an hour, but other users also donated their time to complete her songs. One of them added a guitar accompaniment while another did some audio edits so that her husband and son could have different versions to listen to.


Doctors had to do an emergency C-section to deliver JJ because his oxygen supply was cut off. Jared wrote in a blog post that he was told " JJ might never walk, be blind, have severe learning disabilities or a host of other 'worst cases'...". Thankfully none of those scenarios have come to pass. Sharry started a blog a few years ago and now Jared uses it to post how he's coping with her death and JJ's progress.

Strangers from the web saved the day again by providing their financial support. Jared's cousin, Adam, started a GoFundMe page to cover "funeral services for Sharry, medical care for James, and monetary relief and support for Jared as he copes with this horrific loss and tragedy." To date, nearly 800 people have donated over $44,000.

Sharry was a very talented singer. Thanks to good people from the internet, Jared can keep her memory alive and JJ will grow up listening to her beautiful voice.

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