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58 million records swiped from data management firm

58 million records swiped from data management firm

After the massive data breach that affected more than 500 million Yahoo account holders, it's hard to imagine a breach that could be more devastating. But, believe it or not, it's coming. Hackers are inching closer and closer as we speak.

The latest data breach to hit the news is proof of that. Although only 58 million records were compromised in this breach, there's something unique about it that makes it scary to think about.

Modern Business Solutions (MBS) is a company you've probably never heard of. It doesn't deal with the general public; other businesses make up this data management firm's customer base. But, here's what's scary: Even though you've never used MBS personally, your private information could still be sitting on one of its servers. And worse, it could have been stolen.

Stolen data from MBS was posted online and quickly deleted multiple times over the weekend. A hacker who is known only by the Twitter handle @0x2Taylor is believed to be responsible for the leaks, which included IP addresses, emails, employment information, birth dates, and even some private vehicle records.

Currently, authorities have only confirmed 58 million records that were stolen. However, as the investigation continues that number is expected to grow, possibly to as many as 258 million.

This isn't your typical data breach. We're used to scenarios where it's easy to identify whether or not your information is at risk, and then outline the next steps. In the case of the Yahoo breach, for example, we walked Yahoo account holders through the process of changing their passwords, tightening up their security settings, and even deleting their accounts.

But, in cases such as this, there are a few things you can do to protect your private records. MBS has been notified of the hole in its database that ultimately allowed the hacker to gain access to these records. The company has not issued a formal statement on the scope of the leak but has claimed to the press that the flaw has been fixed and the database is now secure.

Still, there's no telling how long the database has been vulnerable, or just how much data the hacker was able to collect.

One good thing is that the site, HaveIBeenPwned has added the MBS list to its database, so you can check to see if your email address appears. If your email address shows up on the list, then you need to change the password for each of your online accounts associated with it. (Click here for some helpful password tips.)

You should also keep an eye on your credit reports and bank accounts, as breaches like this often lead to identity theft. If there's anything fishy going on, contact your bank or credit card provider and don't be afraid to freeze your accounts. Watch out for phishing scams, too, and be careful with what you click on.

Trust us, you don't want to fall victim to identity theft. Listen to this podcast to see how this growing cybercrime actually affects you.

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