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Sony finally makes virtual reality affordable

Sony finally makes virtual reality affordable
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Virtual reality has been gaining more traction recently, immersing consumers in scenes unlike anything we have seen before. With Facebook introducing 360-degree photos and videos and its plans for amazing virtual spaces, Google's Cardboard and Daydream VR, plus phone makers like Samsung, LG and HTC priming their own versions of VR headsets, this technology that seems to be straight out of science fiction is set to take the mainstream crowd to the next level.

One company has taken the leap and is now bringing relatively affordable virtual reality to your living room.

Sony released their PlayStation VR headset on Thursday and it promises to bring the best virtual reality experience to the masses. It is accessible, simple and fun, and Sony is betting that these qualities will finally make the public embrace virtual reality and take it mainstream.

Although not as expensive as a fully-specced Oculus Rift VR or HTC Vive computer rig, which can cost over $1,000 and beyond, the PlayStation VR headset is still pricey at $399. Not only that, it still requires a separate PlayStation 4 console ($299) and a PlayStation camera ($60) to have it up and running.

PlayStation VR launched with a lineup of 30 virtual reality games and this library is expected to increase to about 50 by the end of this year. Sony also updated the PlayStation 4's built-in media manager so users can upload and view their own 360-degree photos and videos in virtual reality.

Sony is confident about Playstation's VR appeal and is expecting to sell hundreds of thousands of units at launch and may reach 2.6 million units sold by the end of this year. With the PlayStation 4's current installed user base of over 40 million consoles, this VR adoption rate is certainly possible.

If the demand will be as strong as Sony is projecting it to be, then the golden age of virtual reality has truly begun.

You can purchase the PlayStation VR headset in all major retail outlets like Amazon, Walmart, Gamespot and Best Buy.

To experience PlayStation VR, search for a kiosk at a retail store near you.

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