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Future Apple keyboard looks truly magical

Future Apple keyboard looks truly magical
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Apple is easily one of the most innovative companies in the world. It brought us great new technologies like the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Here's a recap of Apple's latest launch event with details of the iPhone 7 and some of its other new products.

The next big Apple launch is expected to be at the end of October when it could announce changes to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. One rumored change that might be coming to the Mac lineup is amazing!

An anonymous user posted on Reddit this week that a next-generation Magic Keyboard is in the works. The Magic Keyboard that Apple is using now is just a simple Bluetooth keyboard. However, the next-generation Magic Keyboard is thoughted to be a customizable smart keyboard that uses the same E Ink display technology as a Kindle.

The new keyboard will have individual E Ink displays on every key. It will be able to be customized to accommodate any language. Each key's graphics will be able to change depending on the application in use or the user's needs.

The technology is being developed by a startup company called Sonder. The anonymous Reddit user also said that Apple is working on acquiring that company. Here is a quick video of what this next-generation keyboard could look like:

At this time, Apple's keyboards with E Ink technology is just speculation. It's unknown when the technology will be available.

There are rumors about other changes being made to the Mac lineup this Fall. Here's what some of those assumptions are:

MacBook Pro Refresh

MacBook Pros may be getting a major refresh because the line hasn't seen any redesigns since mid-2012. Alleged improvements include the replacement of all existing ports in favor of four USB-C connectors. This means we'll say goodbye to the SD card slot, the Thunderbolt and USB 3 ports, and the MagSafe 2 power connector. Interestingly, the leaks suggest that the headphone jack will remain in this revamp.

We may also see the debut of a touch-sensitive OLED bar above the keyboard. This touch bar is said to support a brand new feature codenamed "Dynamic Function Row." With this, the bar will display an ever-changing virtual row of keys and commands depending on the application context - for example, it will show editing keys in iMovie or search and browsing tools in Safari.

Another touch sensitive sensor may also be built into the power button for logging in and for biometric entry, similar to the iPhone's Touch ID system.

And as usual, this new generation of MacBook Pros will have improved battery life.

MacBook Air

Similar to the MacBook Pro refresh, the MacBook Air may be dropping all existing ports (SD Card slot, USB 3, Thunderbolt, MagSafe 2) in favor of a single USB-C port. Touch ID may also be incorporated with the power button.

Another improvement we might see in the new MacBook Air is a Force Touch trackpad (a feature already in the current MacBook Pro).

Other speculations suggest that this could be the last MacBook Air refresh we'll see. Allegedly, Apple is planning on dropping the MacBook Air for good in favor of just having two lines: the MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

We'll stay on top of any changes that are made to the Mac lineup. Keep checking in with our Happening Now section for updates.

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