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Google’s Chrome browser is getting a much needed performance boost

Google Chrome is currently the most widely used web browser in the world, holding more than 40 percent of the web browsing market. Although it is popular because of its speed, integration, user friendliness, incognito mode and the variety of extensions available, it could be such a memory hog sometimes.

Chrome users know this too well. Sometimes, with multiple tabs and windows, the browser just takes over your computer, slowing it to a crawl. When this happens and your computer freezes, the only way out of it is to open your computer's Task Manager or Activity Monitor and force quit and end Chrome's processes. Frustrating.

The cause of this is the allotment of random access memory (RAM). Not to be confused with hard drive memory, RAM is the temporary storage where computers and your open programs quickly access data for instant processing.

Basically, the more RAM you have, the more programs you can have running simultaneously and the more free RAM space you have, the faster your programs will execute.

It's a limited resource, though, and with all the extensions, plugins and the increasing complexity of websites, multiple Chrome instances can quickly gobble up your RAM resources, grinding everything to a halt.

Click here to learn how to manage Chrome's RAM usage.

Thankfully, Google is planning on improving Chrome's efficiency with version 55 pegged to be released on December 6.

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