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iPhone 7 - A complete letdown or brilliant marketing strategy?

iPhone 7 - A complete letdown or brilliant marketing strategy?
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If I could ask Apple's CEO, Tim Cook one question, it would be: "What happened? Is Apple's push for profits so strong, or its ability to be innovative is so weak, that the company releases new products that really aren't very revolutionary anymore?" Well, that's actually two questions.

The last two iPhones that I purchased have been major disappointments. I wanted each to have some "gotta have" features that made me proud of the driven, talented designers and engineers in my industry. Most are highly educated and passionate about creating the next big thing, whatever that thing may be. They must know that their competitors offer more feature-rich smartphones than Apple has brought to market. I imagine that's tough for them to know. It would be for me.

When the iPhone 7 was released, I reluctantly ordered it. I saw the big Apple product announcement in Cupertino. I wrote about the changes from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 on my website and spoke about it on my national radio show.

After analyzing the smartphones, I advised my listeners and readers to save their money. But in my line of work, I need to use the latest technology so that I can provide my honest opinion for you. So, I shelled out some $800 for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Two under two

Comparing the iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 7 Plus is like looking at Irish twins. Born months apart, it's a little eerie how much they have in common. Placed side-by-side, they look alike. They work alike, with the exception of a few characteristics such as the missing iPhone 7's headphone jack, its dual cameras, and being water resistant.

Unboxing the new iPhone 7 was painful. I never felt regret before with an Apple product. Deep down, I knew that there was no need for this so-called, "upgrade." It was a complete waste of my time setting up email, downloading various apps and then, trying to remember every password required.

What's coming next

Don't get me wrong. Apple makes good, solid products. Their ecosystem works, but so does the one put in place for Google and Microsoft customers. I hope Apple steps down from their pedestal and takes an honest look at the iPhone.

The 10th Anniversary of the iPhone is in 2017. Hopefully, it does not have a then three-year-old design. I'd like to see more of my screen and less white space. It's called an edge-to-edge display. Make it flexible so I can fold the phone up and put it in my pocket. A flexible OLED display is on my wish list.

Wireless charging would be awesome. Siri needs to up the game, be more intuitive and let's face it, accurate. Biometrics should use iris scanning and facial recognition.

Give me something I have never thought would be possible with a smartphone. Apple, push the limits and surprise me.

Perhaps Apple was holding back putting any game-changing technology into the iPhone 7 this year. This way, they have a real technological feat next year. If so, they are genius marketers getting people to shell out money year after year for nothing but incremental changes. I fell for it, so you don't have to.

The iPhone 7 is a complete let down from a company that could have and should have done so much better.

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