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Read this if you updated to iOS 10

Read this if you updated to iOS 10

Over 50 percent of all iPhone users have updated to the new iOS 10 operating system. The new operating system features better messaging, rise to wake, sleep timers, better health tracking and more. But in my email and on my show, I have heard from several dissatisfied folks. The new iOS is making their cell bills go sky high!

There are many activities happening in the background. Apps are constantly refreshing in the background without your knowledge. Mail is being pulled. And if you are not careful, your cellular charges will be out the roof. Here's what you need to check right now on your phone or tablet running iOS 10.

These features and functions are found in your phone or tablet's Settings menu. This icon is accessible right from your home screen. While these features were available in previous versions of iOS, the update may have changed your settings if you previously turned them off. So, better to be safe and check them!

Turn off Wi-Fi Assist

Known as Wi-Fi Assist, the feature aims to speed up your service by patching weak internet connections and switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data. This way, you won't see any annoying lags when uploading pages or watching videos. BUT, like we warned, the feature could be devouring your data.

Unless you've got cash to burn, turn off Wi-Fi assist by going to Settings >> Cellular >> Wi-Fi Assist, and toggle it off.

Turn off background refresh

Another setting that you need to check is background apps that are allowed to refresh even when the app is not in use. This allows certain apps to occasionally check your location, send push notifications, or automatically update its status. With all this background activity enabled, your cellular plan will surely take a big hit because of all the processes running hidden from plain view.

Review your settings and turn off Background App Refresh for apps that you don't need to be constantly refreshing. Keep in mind that apps that may need background refresh include cloud backup services, step/activity tracking apps, and instant messenger apps so be careful when selecting which ones you turn off.

To check Background Refresh, go to Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh >> then either toggle the general Background App Refresh setting to Off or better yet, scroll down to select which apps you want enabled. That's the best thing to do.

Check your apps using cellular

Finally, go to Settings >> Cellular. Here you will see a list of apps installed on your phone. Toggle the switch to off on any apps that stream video and music. Those are the big cellular hogs. What I do is toggle them all off and see which ones pop up a message when I access them.

What about the finger scan? What's the workaround?

Now, this has nothing to do with your cellphone bill. Consider it a tip inside of a tip! Wowie!

Many people are upset that now you have to unlock the phone by pressing the finger scan. There is a workaround. In iOS 10, Apple uses your iPhone or iPad’s screen to show notifications and widgets. If you want to bypass this and get to your home screen quickly, enable Rest Finger to Open.

Go to Settings. Navigate to General and then, the Accessibility menu. Select Home Button. Find Rest Finger to Open and move the toggle so it is enabled. Now, just place your finger on the Touch ID sensor to unlock your phone.

If you like this tip, learn some more! Click here for more iOS 10 shortcuts that are good to know.

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