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iPhone 8 rumors: Is Apple planning a complete overhaul?

iPhone 8 rumors: Is Apple planning a complete overhaul?
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Apple launched the iPhone 7 models in early September. They're faster, shinier versions of their predecessors. A couple of major changes include the elimination of the headphone jack and the iPhone 7 Plus model has a spectacular dual-lens camera. Tim Cook even showed off some of the great photos taken with it.

Well, can you believe that there are already rumors circulating about the iPhone 8? It's true!

Because the 10th anniversary of the iPhone is in 2017, Apple is expected to pull out all of the stops to come up with its best smartphone ever.

An anonymous employee at an Apple site in Israel where iPhone 8 hardware is being developed, has leaked details about the new gadget. The employee told "Business Insider" that the iPhone 8 will have a completely different look than previous models.

Rumored iPhone 8 features

  • Better camera - As usual, the next iPhone is said to come with a better camera than those on older models.
  • Edge-to-edge OLED display - Interest in OLED screens is likely due to the fact that they are thinner than standard LED options, and can produce crisper colors. This makes them ideal for creating an enhanced user experience while allowing the manufacturers to continue producing thinner phone models.
  • Curved edges - The iPhone 8 could be cased in curved glass that is made from liquid metal.
  • No home button - Apple's 3D Touch technology along with a new TouchID scanner embedded under the screen could eliminate the need for the home button.

Apple's normal schedule is to release a new model, and then an "S" version of that model the following year. Since 2017 is the 10th anniversary, it's expected to bypass the iPhone 7s and jump right to the iPhone 8. Keep checking back with our Happening Now section for more rumors and updates.

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