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Verizon customers experiencing iPhone 7 issues

Verizon customers experiencing iPhone 7 issues
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So far, feedback on the new iPhone 7 has been mostly positive. Other than a few problems with iOS 10 and reports of the phone hissing under heavy processing loads, customers have been pretty happy.

Note: Did you know that the iPhone 7 is more powerful than the MacBook Air?

Now, however, complaints are popping up in online forums. These complaints primarily trace back to Verizon Wireless customers who are having trouble with their new iPhones.

The reports describe problems with their phone's ability to jump back and forth between Wi-Fi and LTE.

One customer explained, "I have noticed that when my phone is out of wifi [sic] range, it will never automatically connect to LTE but rather get stuck in 3G."

Others are stating that this loss of connectivity seems to happen randomly and that the issue has even caused calls to be dropped.

Apple's latest release of iOS 10.0.2 has not corrected the issue either, which is causing people to speculate that the source of the problem may be with the phone's hardware. Some of the complaints also mention that Verizon swapped out the phone's SIM card, but that also didn't resolve the problem.

Owners of older iPhone models have not been experiencing the same connectivity problem. This is another reason why this could be a defect with the new iPhone, or at least a faulty batch.

The difference between LTE and 3G is quite significant, as far as performance is concerned. LTE offers faster data speeds, which helps when you're using your phone to browse the web, stream video, install downloads, etc.

If you've already purchased an iPhone 7 and are a Verizon Wireless customer, there is a temporary workaround that fixes the problem. Place your phone into Airplane Mode for a few seconds and that should reset your connection.

You should also contact Verizon directly to discuss your options for replacement, or to repair the phone.

If this changes your mind about purchasing the new model, read this tip for three ways to make your older iPhone last longer.

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