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Don't be fooled by this iPhone 7 trick

Don't be fooled by this iPhone 7 trick

The release of the iPhone 7 in early September was met with much excitement. People were lined up outside Apple Stores for days so they could be one of the first people to get their hands on the shiny new gadget.

Some of the iPhone 7's new features include an amazing dual-lens camera with optical image stability. An A10 Fusion Chip, a redesigned home button, and it's dust and water resistant. However, one major change that is unpopular with some has led to some crazy behavior that you should not try at home!

During the iPhone 7 launch event, Apple confirmed rumors that it is eliminating the 3.5mm headphone jack. To the dismay of headphone fans everywhere, the iPhone 7 will use the Lightning port for digital sound output. To appease these fans, Apple will provide lightning-to-3.5mm headphone adapters with every iPhone 7.

lightning cable

The idea of using an adapter to plug in headphones didn't sit will with everyone. So much so that some people are falling for a prank video showing a man drilling a 3.5mm hole into an iPhone 7 to create a headphone jack.

Warning! This video is a prank. Please do not follow the video's instructions!

The video shows the man securing the iPhone in a vice before drilling a headphone socket into the bottom left corner. The prankster claims that there is a hidden socket that can be used to plug in headphones with the 3.5mm cable, you just need to drill into it. The video has been watched by an estimated 10 million people.

If you read the comments under the video you will see several people complaining that after drilling into the iPhone 7, it stopped working. Duh! Unfortunately, you will also see comments from people trolling others, claiming that drilling the headphone socket worked for them.

I can't stress enough that you should NOT drill into your phone! This will most likely result in the destruction of your phone. It also will also eliminate any warranty that you might have on your device.

This isn't the first scam ever perpetrated and most likely won't be the last. Listen to our podcast that uncovers some of the scammers' latest tricks:

As always, keep checking in on our Happening Now section and we'll keep you updated on the latest information.

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