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3 iPhone 7 issues already disappointing fans

Yesterday, we reported that some iPhone 7 handsets have hissing sounds emanating from the back especially when the processor is under heavy load. There are also complaints that there is a loss of cellular service after switching the phone back from Airplane Mode.

To recap:

1. Hissing under load

The first issue reported was a strange hissing sound originating from the back of some iPhones, especially when under heavy processing load.

Stephen Hackett of Relay FM tweeted the issue on Saturday stating that his iPhone 7 "makes terrible noises when under load."

According to the MacRumors forums, other iPhone 7 owners are confirming the hissing-under-load issue and were advised by AppleCare to bring the affected handsets to their respective Apple Store for replacement. The problem is that some of the iPhone 7 replacement handsets are exhibiting the same hissing issue.

It's unclear at this point if the noise is a general issue of all iPhone 7 models or if it is just a problem with defective batches.

The general theory is that this could be "coil noise," the sound an electronic part normally makes especially if it's not properly dampened. Although the phenomenon is commonly associated with desktop computer components, the iPhone 7's A10 processor is powerful enough to elicit worse coil noise than previous models.

2. No Service after Airplane Mode

Another iPhone 7 issue that emerged during the weekend is the loss of cellular service after switching from Airplane Mode back to its regular signal.

MacRumors says that Apple is investigating the issue and is advising service providers to tell iPhone 7 customers to restart their handsets if they encounter the issue. If the problem persists even after a restart, Apple advises to remove and re-insert the SIM card.

Unfortunately, the recommended action if these issues persist on the iPhone 7 is to contact AppleCare and request a replacement unit.

There is one new iPhone 7 issue that emerged, however, that can't be fixed with software nor by replacing the unit itself.

3. Capacitive Home Button can't be operated with gloves

As we all know, the old mechanical-click iPhone home button has been replaced with a pressure-sensitive solid-state touchpad on the iPhone 7.

Now, this total redesign may be cool, and like the removal of the headphone jack, it makes the phone more water resistant.

However, it has one major drawback. Reports are claiming that the new capacitive iPhone 7 home "button" can't be operated when the phone is in a case such as a transparent armband or when an operator is wearing gloves since it requires skin contact to activate. Even worse, covering it with any other material will render it unclickable.

The Guardian even claims that older capacitive gloves that work well with touchscreens will not work with the new home button. This may be a problem especially with winter around the corner - users may have to remove their gloves just to operate the home button. Other workarounds include using other body parts with exposed skin, like the chin or the nose, but of course, that will always be a small hassle.

Thankfully, with iOS 10, there's a new "Raise to Wake" feature that automatically turns on the iPhone 7's screen when you pick it up. This feature should negate any need to press the home button anyway.

For now, if your capacitive gloves won't work with the iPhone 7's home button, we are pretty sure newer versions will fill in the gap soon.

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