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Popular navigation app gets a major update

Popular navigation app gets a major update
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Living near a big city can be a great experience. There are just so many things that you can find to do to stay entertained. Live music, sporting events and plays are just a few examples.

However, driving to those venues when there are thousands of others heading to the same event can be a nightmare. Luckily, there are navigational tools that can make it easier. One popular app is even adding a new feature that will help alleviate that painful commute.

Google's "Waze" is a community-based traffic and navigation app. It allows you to join other drivers that are in your area and share real-time traffic and road information. It's designed to save everyone time during their daily commute.

Waze lets people report where speed traps are located, or if there are stranded vehicles or other hazards causing traffic jams. People work together to outsmart traffic and find the best and quickest route. The app even shows where you can find the cheapest gas stations.

On top of long commutes, an average of 55 hours was wasted by drivers last year looking for a place to park. Now, Waze is easing that time-consuming search for parking.

Waze's new "where to park" feature will incorporate parking information from INRIX, which launched its off-street parking service in 2013. INRIX added on-street parking to their service in 2015.


A few clicks on the "where to park" tool will guide you to the nearest parking options. It will also show you which parking lots have available spots and how much it costs to park there. The Waze app can really save you time, not only with your commute but now with where to park once you get there.

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