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Why men should not put phones in their pockets

Why men should not put phones in their pockets

Men, where do you store your phone? Is it in the breast pocket of your jacket or inside a murse (man purse)? If you place it in your pants pocket, you may want to rethink that decision.

A few months ago, we told you about a study done by the Israel Institute of Technology that found 47 percent of the men who regularly kept their phones less than 20 inches from their groin, say in a pants pocket, had lower sperm count. They weren't able to confirm a definite link but a review team from another academic institution is trying to prove a correlation.

A team from the University of Newcastle in Austrailia reviewed 27 studies on the subject and 21 of them suggested a link between radiation from cellphones and damaged sperm cells. When exposed to the radiation, 8 percent of cells are less mobile and 9 percent of cells are not healthy. These factors play a big role in fertility because unhealthy sperm that can't swim well won't reach the egg.

And if they do reach the egg, that could cause a whole new set of problems because radiation can also damage DNA. The review team says that if the damaged sperm does reach the egg and conception occurs, a "future health burden" could be the result. It seems that birth defects are a worst-case-scenario possibility.

However, correlation does not mean causation. Scientists can't yet explain how non-ionizing radiation (when there's not enough energy to change an atom or molecule) affects the body. Although studies suggest some sort of link, a true cause and effect relationship has yet to be determined because there isn't enough radiation going on during cellphone usage.

Either way, there's already a company making moves to combat this problem and protect sperm cells and male sex organs. Wireless Armour is a male underwear line whose goal is to protect male fertility. The underwear is woven from pure silver and cotton, which form to create a shield against electromagnetic radiation (which is emitted from our devices that use Wi-Fi).

This review video gives an honest take on the special underwear.

So if you want to be on the safe side and possibly ahead of the curve, you may want to invest in a pair.

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