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New Amazon change is great for Netflix fans

New Amazon change is great for Netflix fans
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I've said it at least a thousand times - the most frustrating thing about streaming sites like Netflix and HBO Go is that there are so many choices; you could spend more time searching for what to watch than actually watching. That's why we share our streaming picks each week and it's why we've introduced you to Netflix Roulette.

But now, thanks to a handful of new updates, Amazon Fire TV users will have a little bit of personalized help figuring out what to watch.

Amazon has made it easier for its users to access Netflix, HBO Go and HBO Now apps on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, despite being competitors.

Fire TV owners can now use Alexa and voice commands to watch their selections. If you don't know what to watch, you can view a personalized list of recommendations without even opening a single app. You'll see a list of selections you might like, and it will show you which sites it is available on for streaming.

You can also use voice commands to rewind and fast forward, or even skip on to the next episode. On top of that, ask Alexa what the sports scores were, and she'll tell you.

How to get the update

For these changes to take effect, you'll need to make sure your Fire TV is updated.

From the Home screen select Settings >> System >> About >> Amazon Fire TV and select the latest software version.

Or you can go to Settings >> System >> About >> Check for System Update, and then it should automatically update.

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