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Shocking Facebook confessions

We've seen studies that say Facebook makes people depressed. That notion might not be true anymore, as a new study found that Facebook makes people as happy as people on their wedding day, or if they're having a baby.

Does that seem a little extreme? It might, but the study found that Facebook is actually that influential over a person's mood and well-being.

The study, from Carnegie Mellon University, took nearly 2,000 Facebook users from across 91 countries that agreed to be surveyed about their Facebook accounts once a month, for three months. Here's what the study found:

It's not just being on Facebook that makes people happy
People aren't happy looking at other people's posts and getting the news. They aren't even that concerned about the number of "Likes" their posts are generating. Sure, "Likes" have a little bit of influence over a person's happiness, but it's personalized posts from friends and family that make the most difference.

Personalized posts, varying in length and not necessarily long, letting the recipient know they are cared about and loved, have the most positive influence.

The study also found that the amount of comments matters, too. If 60 comments are made in a month, the person's happiness reaches levels similar to positive life-changing events, such as weddings and babies.

Facebook research scientist, Robert Kraut, said of the study:

"It turns out that when you talk with a little more depth on Facebook to people you already like, you feel better. That also happens when people talk in person.'

Facebook research scientist, Dr. Moira Burke, followed up with:

"This suggests that people who are feeling down may indeed spend more time on social media, but they choose to do so because they've learned it makes them feel better. ...They're reminded of the people they care about in their lives."

How does Facebook make you feel? Do you have different views on the subject? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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