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Windows 10 update rumors are swirling

Windows 10 update rumors are swirling
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Windows 10 is such a popular operating system that it's been downloaded over 300 million times since it launched in 2015. It's fast, safe and offers browser extensions that Windows users have been requesting for a long time.

Microsoft offered Windows 10 as a free upgrade until July 29, 2016, and started rolling out the massive Anniversary Update on August 2. Now, speculation has begun on what changes are coming in its next big update.

This year's Anniversary Update was focused primarily on security improvements and reliability. However, there were also updates to Cortana, the Taskbar menu and Windows Ink that provide a better experience. Click here if you missed our coverage of the Anniversary Update, and want more details on Windows 10 features.

There were also some problems that occurred after the launch of the Anniversary Update. After installing the update, several users noticed that their computers would crash shortly after startup, and there were also issues with the webcam. (For all of the latest Windows 10 fixes and bugs, click here.)

Back in August, Microsoft announced there would be no more updates issued for Windows 10 for quite some time unless a security patch was needed. That's what makes the latest rumors so exciting.

Now we know that the next big Windows 10 update is expected to be out in early 2017 and has the codename 'Redstone 2.' This will be the follow-up to the Anniversary Update, which was known as 'Redstone 1.'

Windows 10's newest features

Here are some highlights that are expected to be on the way:

  • People Bar: The Microsoft People App in Windows 10 puts all the ways you connect with people you know in one place. Messaging, mail and your calendar are integrated into the People app. It is intended to make it faster than ever to keep in touch. A 'People Bar' extension will be included in 'Redstone 2.' It will feature profile pictures of contacts in the taskbar, showing you who has been active recently in the People app. This will provide an easier path to reach contacts and connect.
  • Blue Light: Microsoft will be introducing its version of a night mode in 'Redstone 2.' Blue Light will be similar to iOS Night Shift found in Apple products. Click here to read our story on how iOS Night Shift will soothe your tired eyes. The new feature will reduce the amount of blue light emanated by your Windows 10 gadget. This will make it easier on your eyes at night and won't conflict with sleep patterns.

There is plenty of time for more rumors to circulate about what changes will be made in the next update. If you're not running Windows 10, check out the KomandoTab2 with detachable keyboard from my store. This tablet comes pre-installed with Windows 10, and at $300 it's a cheaper option than buying a new computer or laptop. Click here for more details on this powerful tablet.

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