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iPhone 7 leaked video! See it here first!

iPhone 7 leaked video! See it here first!
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Apple's new iPhones are slated to debut in their "See you on the 7th" event set for September 7 next week.

As usual, the hype level leading to the unveiling is at a fever-pitch high. Unconfirmed hardware rumors have been swirling around rapidly for months now - no headphone jack, dual cameras, thinner antenna lines, 256GB of storage, no home button - some of these reliable, others taken with a grain of salt.

But yesterday, supposed videos of an iPhone 7 Plus emerged that may be confirming some of these fruity rumors.

A video tweet from known Apple leaker Sonny Dickson emerged showing what looks like three side-by-side iPhone 7 Plus models running iOS 10.

Dickson is a reliable leaker from Australia who reportedly gets his information from sources who work for Apple's suppliers in China.

In his video tweet (embedded below), a finger is swiped across three phones' touchscreens to reveal what appears to be iOS 10's new Notification Center. The last phone is then flipped around to show a dual lens camera.

The antenna lines 0f the iPhone 6 and 6s appear to have been removed too, which suggests that the new models will be more water-resistant.

Another video from Dickson shows a freshly unboxed "iPhone 7" on hand, which briefly showed a headphone port-less bottom. Unfortunately, that tweet was deleted. We managed to grab a screenshot, though, so you could judge for yourself.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.44.16 AM

On related news, a leaked image from French site Nowhereelse appears to show a packaging insert from an iPhone 7 Plus. The text on the insert appears to list the accessories in the box, which include a set of  "EarPods with Lightning Connector." This confirms the rumor that the iPhone 7 will ditch the 3.5-mm headphone jack.

However, old school headphone fans could heave a slight collective sigh of cord relief. According to the image, the iPhone 7 Plus will also ship with a "Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter" for audiophiles who will feel empty and soulless without their Audio Technica M50s and V-Modas in tow. Slow clap.

Finally, the image shows "256GB" and that refers to the storage size. If this image is truly from the packaging of an iPhone 7 Plus, then this confirms that Apple doubled the highest capacity iPhone from 128GB to 256GB.

Nowhereelse ipHone 7

Photo Credit: Nowhereelse

So there you go, based on these combined leaks, we might have confirmed some of the top rumors about the iPhone 7 Plus and subsequently, the smaller iPhone 7 :

  • No 3.5-mm headphone jack
  • Dual-lens camera for the Plus model
  • No antenna lines
  • Comes with Lightning connector Earpods
  • Lightning to Headphone Jack adapter is included
  • There will be a 256GB model
  • Home button/Touch ID Sensor is still present
  • It will indeed be called the "iPhone 7"

What do you think about these fresh new iPhone 7 leaks? Drop us a comment below!

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