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Apple to debut new MacBook Air, Pro and other great products

Apple to debut new MacBook Air, Pro and other great products
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If you have been following technology news lately, you are probably aware that the current buzz in Apple land is all about the new iPhones.

Set to be unveiled on September 7 at the company's "See you at the 7th" event, the upcoming iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus models will definitely be the talk-of-the-town next week.

(Please join us on Wednesday for our Apple iPhone Event blow-by-blow coverage).

Although new iPhone reveals are always exciting, there are further rumors circulating about Apple's other line of products that may thrill fans as well. It is unlikely that these refreshes will be introduced along with the iPhones, but who knows? Apple is known for their last-minute surprises.

Bloomberg reports that we might see a new Macbook Air, overhauled MacBook Pros, an iMac refresh, and a 5K monitor co-developed with LG.

First up, we might see an updated MacBook Air next week along with the new iPhones. Bloomberg says that these new laptops will sport a multi-function USB-C port similar to the current MacBook line.

Bigger updates are allegedly slated for the MacBook Pro. This long overdue Pro refresh will introduce a thinner version with a flatter keyboard, USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 and an OLED touch bar above the keyboard. This touch bar is said to support a brand new feature codenamed "Dynamic Function Row." With this, the bar will display an ever-changing virtual row of keys and commands depending on the application context -  for example, it will show editing keys in iMovie or search and browsing tools in Safari.

On the iMac line, Apple is said to be planning on offering new upgraded graphic chips from AMD. This should be welcome news to gamers and video editors looking for more graphic firepower.

New iPad Pro features may also roll out with iOS 10 in the first half of 2017. The planned update is said to include improvements to the iPad Pro's stylus, the Apple Pencil, with expanded annotation features that will work across applications like Safari, Mail and iMessage. New iPad hardware with better screen technology may also roll out but these updates will not happen until next year.

Lastly, Apple may revive their external monitor line with the release of a 5K display. The company is working together with LG Electronics to produce the next generation of standalone Apple displays.

Are you looking forward to these upcoming Apple product updates? Please drop us a comment below!

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