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Top site is using your personal photos as advertisements

Adorning our photos with fun stickers is one great way of injecting them with a bit of our own personality, especially when we post them on social media sites.

Similar to how we use emojis on our texts messages, stickers add that extra expressive dimension that words just can't match.

Twitter took their sticker business a monetized step further by introducing "sponsored stickers" earlier this month, with advertisers joining in.

Basically, these sponsored stickers are spots being sold by Twitter as a way for companies to promote their products. They are hoping that avid fans of a particular property will start including the promoted stickers in their tweeted photos, essentially turning them into free ads.

The first company to join in the sponsored sticker fun was Pepsi. Pepsi aficionados were able to choose from eight different promoted stickers to the photos they wanted to tweet.

These sponsored stickers act as "visual hashtags" too once they're included in a tweet. This means each time someone taps on the sticker, they'll be able to see other photos that have the same sponsored sticker. Admittedly, that's pretty cool.

This week, it's Hollywood's turn to utilize Twitter's sponsored stickers.

Warner Brothers is the first studio to use Twitter's new promotional tool by creating four sponsored stickers for their upcoming movie "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them."

If you're tweeting a photo and tap on the sticker icon (the smiley face), you'll find four "Fantastic Beasts" sponsored stickers available: a coat, a scarf, a suitcase and a wand. We are betting these stickers are going to be popular with Harry Potter fans.

And that's precisely the idea behind the sponsored tweets, real fans promoting the products they love. According to Twitter, this allows brands "to be featured by their fans in a truly authentic way."


Twitter Promoted Stickers

We have yet to see if this new marketing and promotional tool will be effective for both the social media site and their advertisers. Who knows? This might be the financial shot in the arm that Twitter needs to stimulate its much-needed growth.

Are you willing to turn your photos into Twitter ads? Drop us a comment below!

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