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Is this the most inappropriate children's game ever?

Is this the most inappropriate children's game ever?
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Do you remember playing the game Operation? It was a fun kids' game where you were given a tool to "surgically remove" something like a funny bone or a broken heart from "Cavity Sam."

While surgery can be a very sensitive subject, nobody had a major problem with the game. It helps with motor skills and hand-eye coordination, not to mention all the family fun that's been had over the years on game nights.

Fast forward to today and it's a different story. A new game in the app store called Mermaid's Plastic Surgery (which is still available in both Apple and Android app stores) has caused outrage with parents all over the country.

It has everything you would expect in a children's game - it's colorful, has an interesting story, is easy to play and it's educational ... right? Not with this game.

The game, yes, is colorful and your goal is to help a mermaid transform into a "pretty lady" as she makes her transition from under the sea to above ground. Think of it as the same storyline as the Disney classic "The Little Mermaid" only instead of making a deal with a sea witch for her legs, this time you're the doctor who's going to do the procedure to give the mermaid legs.

Oh yeah, and on top of giving her legs, you can also give her a nose job, work on her skin, inject her lips with botox and perform plastic surgery on her eyes.

What could be more disturbing is other games and apps created by the same developer, 6677g.com. These include "Emergency Surgery Simulator," which includes victims of a car accident and gunshot wounds and "Pregnant Mommy’s Accident." There are other apps called "Plastic Surgery Princess," "Celebrity Hospital" and "My Boyfriend Plastic Surgery." It also features an ad for "Mommy's Emergency Surgery," pictured below.


These games aren't exactly what I would want my kids playing with, let alone even knowing about. The good news, however, is that Australia's Butterfly Foundation has petitioned Apple to remove this "incredibly damaging" app as soon as possible.

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