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DropBox urges millions to reset passwords

DropBox urges millions to reset passwords

Cloud storage solutions are must-have services, especially for on-the-go mobile users. Having your files synced and accessible from anywhere there's a connection is a convenience that can't be overlooked.

With a variety of personal files saved in the cloud, the security of these storage services is vital and the companies involved can't be too careful with securing user accounts.

Dropbox, the popular cloud-storage service, is taking these proactive steps seriously and they are asking some users to change their passwords as a preventive measure.

The notice was sent out to users who signed up before mid-2012 and haven't changed their passwords since.

There is no indication that any of these accounts were hacked nor is there any ongoing security breach, but Dropbox says this action is just "one of many precautions."

The company said that they're taking these steps because they discovered an old set of Dropbox credentials linked to a password reuse attack in July 2012. In that incident, stolen usernames and passwords from other compromised websites were used to access Dropbox user accounts.

"Our security teams are always watching out for new threats to our users," wrote Dropbox's Head of Security Patrick Helm in an official blog post.

If you are one of these Dropbox users who were notified, all that is required is for you to choose a new and strong password.

Dropbox is also recommending that users enable two-step verification, an optional security feature that will require a numerical code sent to your phone when logging into a Dropbox account.

If you haven't received this prompt, then no further action is required. However, if you're using your Dropbox password on other sites, they're advising that you change those credentials as well.

In light of this and the recent high-profile password reuse attacks such as LinkedIn's breach, here are our tips on how to create the perfect password. Also, make sure you don't make these common password mistakes to protect yourself from future attacks.

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