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25 million logins stolen, emails and passwords compromised

July and August were hit hard by hacks and breaches. From the malware attack on Eddie Bauer stores to the 20 hotel chains that exposed customers' credit card details, and many others, hackers certainly haven't taken a summer vacation.

The latest breach is one of the biggest seen so far this summer. And chances are, it affects someone in your family. More than 25 million logins have been compromised for forums associated with Mail.ru.

According to reports, a total of four forums were targeted by two separate hackers. One of these forums yielded 13 million private records. The other forums gave the hackers access to over 12 million user profiles combined.

The information contained in these profiles included: usernames, passwords, personal email addresses, birth dates, and in some cases, even the account holder's IP address.

So far, the affected databases are as follows:

  • cfire.mail.ru
  • parapa.mail.ru (main game)
  • parapa.mail.ru (forum)
  • tanks.mail.ru

However, a blog post on Leaked Source indicates that additional online forums have also been affected. These forums include:

  • expertlaw.com
  • ageofconan.com
  • anarchy-online.com
  • freeadvice.com
  • gamesoffun.com
  • longestjourney.com
  • ppcgeeks.com
  • thesecretworld.com

The hack was made possible through an exploited SQL injection vulnerability that was located in outdated forum software. Many users of these forums also did not have adequate passwords. In fact, the top password (which was used by 263,347 people) was 123456789.

After reading that, if you've just realized you have a similar password for any of your online accounts, it's time to change it now. Click here to see a brand new trick for creating strong passwords that are easy to remember.

You should also consider that having a strong password is just the beginning. If your information has been exposed as part of a data breach, it could be up for sale on the Dark Web, or already being used by hackers.


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Source: Zdnet
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