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The world's largest Blue Screen of Death

The world's largest Blue Screen of Death
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It's a scene straight out of a failed "Blade Runner" reboot.

A Facebook photo posted by Blake Sibbit shows what could be the biggest Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) known to man, all five stories of it.

The gigantic Windows error was spotted on the outdoor digital billboard of the CentralFestival Pattaya Beach shopping mall, a sprawling complex in Pattaya, Thailand.

Biggest BSOD

Windows users are all too familiar with random BSODs, those sudden PC crashes that seem to come out of nowhere, locking you out with cryptic white-on-blue text stuffed chock full of technical gibberish.

Simply put, a BSOD means your Windows machine has a "problem."

In this humongous instance in Thailand, the error seems to be in the "ftser2k.sys" device driver. A little Google-Fu tells us that this file is associated with a USB-to-Serial device driver provided by Future Technology Devices International (FTDI).

Giant digital billboards are supposed to entice people to buy big. Shoppers were treated with a wonderwall of fail instead.

By the way, Microsoft revamped the Blue Screen of Death since Windows 8. It looks something like this:


Obviously, the Pattaya Beach shopping mall has not updated to the latest and greatest operating system that Microsoft has to offer. Too bad they're missing out on the Anniversary Update. (Note: Windows 10 has its own fair share of issues, like killing webcams.)

Hmm, we hope they're not running their serial dot-matrix printers through Windows XP. If that's the case, then a busted billboard is the least of their problems.

Time to call the IT support team of giant replicants, Mr. Deckard?

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