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Lightning-fast internet comes to 24 new locations

Lightning-fast internet comes to 24 new locations

Google is planning to bring their Fiber project to the next level.

A new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing from the company hints that they are intending to expand the testing of their wireless broadband technology in 24 U.S. locations, which includes 12 cities, for a period of two years.

All of the selected locations are already covered by Google's super-fast gigabit internet fiber service except Provo in Utah, Boulder in Colorado, and Reston in Virginia.

These test locations were reportedly chosen for the presence of pre-existing Google infrastructure, building and foliage characteristics for interference testing, radio transmission environment, and the existence of partners who may participate in tests.

A probable part of these expanded testings are technologies and areas acquired from Google's recent purchase of Webpass, a company that was already providing wireless internet to homes using millimeter wave radio transmitters. The consolidation of Google's own in-house fiber and wireless broadband technology and the acquired Webpass assets will surely hasten the roll-out of this planned expansion.

The new technology is already being tested in Kansas City using experimental 3.5 Ghz wireless transmitters but with the new filing, Google is asking for permission to transmit over a wider bandwidth, between 3.4 and 3.8 GHz, to beam their service to the planned locations.

According to Slashgear, the proposed locations are as follows:

• Phoenix, Arizona
• Atwater, California
• Los Angeles, California
• Mountain View, California
• Palo Alto, California
• San Bruno, California
• San Francisco, California
• San Jose, California
• Boulder, Colorado
• Tampa, Florida
• Atlanta, Georgia
• Chicago, Illinois
• Des Moines, Iowa
• Kansas City, Kansas
• Omaha, Nebraska
• Las Vegas, Nevada
• New York, New York
• Raleigh, North Carolina
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
• Portland, Oregon
• Austin, Texas
• Provo, Utah
• Blacksburg, Virginia
• Reston, Virginia

Unfortunately, Google's wireless fiber will not be open to the public yet. Currently, only Google employees, contractors and selected "trusted testers" will have the privilege of trying this exciting new service out. For the rest of us, hopefully, it will not be a long two-year wait.

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