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New iPhone 7 rumors are swirling

New iPhone 7 rumors are swirling

With the next-generation iPhone set to be released sometime in September, likely the week of the 12th, there are tons of rumors making the rounds.

What are the specs? Will it have a headphone jack? Will it have a better camera? Will it be waterproof? Will it even be called the iPhone 7? What other new surprises will it have? We've been speculating for months and today, three new rumors have surfaced. Here they are:

1. The home button is being replaced with a touch interface.
This could mean the end of fingerprint scanning and Touch ID, which would also make way for the rumored eye scanning technology expected to come with the 10-year anniversary iPhone.

On top of that, Apple is hoping to cut repair costs that come with replacing the home button, which can be as high as $329.

2. There will be three different sizes.
A leaked video (which you can see below) likely coming from a Japanese retail store, shows an up close look at three iPhone models - a 4.7-inch display, a 5.5-inch display, and another 5.5-inch display but with a different camera setup. That could prove the theory of there being an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+. 

You'll also notice in the video that the headphone jack is gone.

3. New color: Space Black.
On top of silver, gold and rose gold, the next model could be available in all black or a similar dark color like "space black" or deep blue to match the color of the Apple Watch.

Keep in mind that these are just rumors. Nothing has been confirmed, as Apple likes to keep everything under wraps until it's ready for the full reveal. In the meantime, all we can do is take our best guess.

Want more iPhone rumors? Click here to see every single rumor we've heard over here at Komando.com.

Source: Tech Crunch
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