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Another web browser bans Adobe Flash

Another web browser bans Adobe Flash

Last month, we told you about Mozilla's decision to finally phase out the Flash Player plugin from their Firefox browser by blocking certain Flash content.

Google is taking this Flash shutout another huge step further by automatically blocking background Flash content.

Starting in September, with Chrome 53, the browser will disallow behind-the-scenes Flash processes used for cookies, page analytics, and tracking, in favor of the more efficient HTML5 technology.

Google says that these tiny, almost invisible Flash widgets slow down the browsing experience and they cause system instability and poorer battery life. Blocking these background Flash processes will reportedly improve browser responsiveness, stability, and speed, and will save battery life.

To ease the transition, developers and publishers are now converting these processes to HTML5.

But that's not all.

In December, with the release of Chrome 55, HTML5 will be the default browsing experience, completely relegating Flash as a secondary option. If a website only has Flash video content, users will have to click to allow it to play.

This is similar to how Chrome already requires user permission to allow Flash content in the current versions. This is in line with Google's plan to phase out Flash and switch over to HTML5 by the end of the year.

The inevitable death of Flash

With all the major technology players ganging up on Flash, it seems like the end of Flash will come sooner than later.

Mozilla already outlined their planned phase out of Flash. Apple will roll out Safari 10 with HTML5 as default, and Microsoft's Edge browser is already demoting non-essential Flash content as click-to-play items.

Even Adobe, the creators of Flash, are advising people to stop using this old web standard due to security concerns.

There's no denying it, Flash is on the death watch. Hopefully, with its demise, users will see fewer system crashes, longer battery life, tighter security, and better overall browser experiences for everyone.

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