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Get your phone to charge itself

Get your phone to charge itself
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Weak battery life has been one of the most annoying things accompanying anything electronic. That's why we're always sharing tons of apps and other techniques, tips and tricks you can use to extend your battery life. (Click here to see a secret way to boost your battery power by 50 percent.)

But what if I told you that your smartphone or tablet could soon have a battery that charges itself?

There's a working prototype from a company called Radient Micro-Tech that takes your phone's unused radio waves and turns them into battery power - 30 percent longer battery life to be exact. The company's patent includes designs to use the cellphone's surface as a "harvesting antenna" that will collect and reuse this wasted energy.

Not only will this new product extend your phone's battery life, it will also serve as a wireless charger that continuously charges your phone.

The company has not disclosed the details behind the tech, and there's no working demonstration of the product; however, the company did say that on top of extended battery life, the battery size will also be smaller.

Beyond the extended battery life, this innovation could also reduce the overall cost of your phone. According to the press release, the overall battery size and cost could be reduced by up to $0.5 - $1.00 per smartphone.

So now, the race is on. Apple took out a patent earlier this year for an aluminum case that would allow radio waves to pass through it and charge your battery. Plus, researchers from Sensor Systems Lab at the University of Washington have also been working on technology that could charge batteries using Wi-Fi signals.

In the meantime, wireless charging pads, like this one from Samsung, are still your best option as a short-term solution. It's just good to know that better options are coming.

If you'd like to learn more about the prototype from Radient Micro-Tech, you can read the full press release by clicking here.

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