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Brand new way to secure your home

Brand new way to secure your home
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The Amazon Echo, also known as Alexa, was the biggest surprise hit of the past year and we absolutely adore it.

From casually telling her to play music or read the news to controlling your smart light bulbs and switches, Alexa's ever-growing list of talents is turning her into the always-on smart home assistant every self-respecting Jetson fan dreams of.

Now, add another skill to that list.

Amazon announced that starting on July 28 Alexa could now lock August door locks.

Yes, the phrase "Alexa, tell August to lock the front door" will now prompt your Echo to control an August deadbolt and lock it. Quite exciting because this is the first smart door lock that Alexa could control.

This means you could just plop down on your living room couch and tell Alexa to play your favorite Barry White album in Spotify, transform your Philips Hue bulbs into flickering candle lights, and lock your front August door without moving an inch.

How's that for a romantic evening with Alexa, huh? Maybe one day she will cook dinner, too. Wait, scrap that, Alexa can definitely order Domino's pizza! Wow, that's a complete dinner date. Oooh, progress.

There are certain restrictions, though. For obvious security reasons, Alexa can't unlock your August lock. You don't want someone outside your door wooing Alexa to open it, right? Also, your Amazon Echo (or the smaller Dot), your August lock, and your August Connect WiFi bridge (yes, it's required) must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you're lucky enough to own all three, then congratulations, you have one of the sweetest front door setups around. For those who want to join in on the voice activated door fun, it will be a bit pricey. An Amazon Echo is currently priced at $179.99 (the speaker-less Echo Dot is $89.99), an August lock is $199.99, and the August Connect WiFi bridge is $79.99.

Do the math and that might be a steep "entry" point for just voice controlling your door locks, but hey, for smart home aficionados, the future is here and the future is now.

Good job, Alexa!

If the Amazon Echo isn't a good fit for you, check out the Amazon Tap instead. Click here to see our in-depth product review.

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