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Windows 10 security just got better

Windows 10 security just got better

We have been warning you for a while that time is running out to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Well it's finally here, the July 29 deadline is upon us. After that, the upgrade will cost you $119.

One great reason why you should upgrade is because of Windows 10's security features. These enhancements offer user protection way beyond what Windows 7 or 8 offer. Now, Microsoft is making changes that will make Windows 10 security even stronger.

Windows 10 has already been downloaded over 300 million times since its release last year. It is a very popular operating system for many reasons. It's fast, safe and it will soon have browser extensions that diehard Windows users have been wanting for years.

Microsoft announced this week that it's changing minimum hardware requirements needed to run the operating system. Computers, smartphones and tablets will have to have TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) from now on to be considered Windows 10 compatible. TPM is a hardware-based security layer designed to protect sensitive user information.

Microsoft is making an effort to get rid of passwords by using Windows Hello, a biometric authentication feature. This new layer of security employs facial recognition, iris scanning or fingerprint authentication for user sign-ins. TPM is essential to Windows Hello because of the way it generates and stores authentication keys securely.

windows hello

TPM is also important for Microsoft Passport. This feature uses two-factor authentication to verify users. With this technology, users can register another supported device, such as another laptop or a Windows phone, then use it to unlock a Windows 10 machine via a PIN or gesture.

Microsoft says Windows Hello will work without TPM but strongly recommends the security layer for better protection. TPM 2.0 chips do a better job at securing sensitive information because it stores authentication keys in a secure area. This makes it harder to hack than software-based security that would normally be used.

If you have upgraded to Window 10 you can look forward to the rollout of its Anniversary Update beginning August 2. If you are on the fence about upgrading, read our 10 reasons NOT to switch to Windows 10 article, it might help you decide.

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