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Top Story: Hackers have a new devious way to steal your money

When you head down to the bank, you probably do so because it's a much safer option than carrying cash in your wallet or stashing your savings under your mattress. That's what makes this new report so shocking. Your bank account may not be as secure as you think.

We've told you how hackers are setting their sights on much bigger targets these days. The recent data breach that occurred at DataDog is evidence of that. Hackers found their way into one of the company's servers; however, DataDog hosts data from major companies such as Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, PBS, The New York Times and Samsung. (Click here if you missed the full story.)

Security experts have recently discovered a group of cybercriminals that is taking a similar approach. Only, this time, those criminals are designing malware that specifically targets banks.

Using a tool called Ammyy Admin, hackers are able to gain remote access to computers that they've installed the software on. The hackers hide this malicious software inside a file that looks legitimate. However, experts believe that a group called Lurk has modified this code so that it can also install a spyware program.

The final result of the modifications made by this group is a Trojan designed to specifically (and effectively) target financial institutions.

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