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Sneak peek: New iOS 10 features you'll love

Sneak peek: New iOS 10 features you'll love
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Apple users have been asking for a smarter operating system for years, and each version of iOS brings us closer to that dream. iOS 10 is no exception. With all of the rumors surrounding the new operating system, it sounds like we'll see some major updates.

Although iOS 10 isn't expected to be released until this fall, beta versions of the new operating system have been providing users a sneak peek all throughout June and July. And, so far, the overall feedback has been positive.

Here are the new features we know about so far:

  • Water damage warnings: The most recent news from Apple suggests that iOS 10 will be smart enough to warn you if your Lightning port has moisture in it. This doesn't mean your device will be waterproof itself, but it will at least give you enough notice to unplug accessories and power down your phone until it dries.
  • Messages revamp: iOS 10's messaging app is getting a total makeover, putting more expressive and personal control over your texts. Apple knows everyone loves emojis (right? RIGHT?) so they are making them three times bigger! They are also easier to insert now more than ever since they'll be integrated into predictive texting. Now, you could practically compose full sentences purely with emojis and people won't just think it's cute ... it is necessary. You could even write your own texts in your own handwriting and put your own personal flourish on your messages. Text messages in hard to read, angry cursive? Check.
  • Siri updates: For the first time, Siri will be open to certain third-party apps. This means you could now order Siri to hail you a ride or reply in Slack or even make payments.
  • Brand new lock screen: The lock screen will also get big changes in iOS 10. For one, say farewell to the ever familiar "Slide To Unlock" ritual. Now, it goes straight to a "Press home to unlock" screen where you will have to merely press the home button to unlock your device via Touch ID or with the passcode.
  • Raise to wake: iOS 10 will have a "Raise To Wake" feature. Obviously taking its cue from the Apple Watch, merely picking up your device will activate the lock screen automatically. No more physical presses needed to wake up your phone.
  • More 3D Touch options: 3D Touch is also taking a more prominent role in the lock screen. Almost every element of the Notification Center, the Control Center and Widgets have 3D touch features built in. You could now 3D Touch notifications, say a message, then respond and view attached photos and videos without leaving the lock screen. 3D Touch the Control Center icons and you get preset shortcuts like flashlight intensity, camera options or preset timers.
  • Smart home integration: iOS 10 expands on Apple's promise for better smart home integration. With the new dedicated Home app, smart home enthusiasts will now have a single location for controlling their HomeKit compatible smart appliances regardless of brand and manufacturer.
  • Voicemail transcription: The Phone app gets one great enhancement in iOS 10. Via speech to text, iOS 10 will try and transcribe your received voicemails for you so you won't have to listen to them. In a meeting and someone left you a voicemail? Just take a quick peek at the transcribed voicemail to see what it's all about.
  • Apple maps: Like Siri, the Maps app is now open to third-party developers in iOS 10. Expect to see more instant navigation and location suggestions in non-Apple apps. For example, you could now hail a ride and book a reservation in OpenTable without leaving the Maps app. Apple Maps in iOS 10 will also start suggesting routes based on real-time traffic and guide you on the fly.

So, what's the downside?

Although iOS 10 is bringing us several updates and new features, it will also make certain iPhone and iPad models become obsolete. This occurs with every brand new iOS version. Some older devices are left out in the cold due to the fact that their processors and memory are not capable enough to run the newer bells and whistles.

To see if your current iPhone or iPad will support iOS 10, click here to see our list of the phased-out models.

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