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Windows 10 security updates to make now

We've already told you that Windows 10 is a huge improvement over older versions of Windows. You still have until July 29 if you want to take advantage of the free upgrade. Plus the Windows 10 Annual Update will be out on August 2.

One great reason you'll want to upgrade to Windows 10 is its security features. Here are some of the security updates that can help protect you.

User authentication

One interesting technology being introduced is biometric user authentication. Dubbed Windows Hello, this new layer of security employs facial recognition, iris scanning or fingerprint authentication for user sign-ins. Newer machines with the infrared and fingerprint scanning hardware should all be compatible with Windows Hello since Microsoft built it directly into Windows 10 with a wide support for biometric devices.

Another Windows 10 security enhancement, Microsoft Passport, makes use of two-factor authentication to verify users. With this technology, users can register another supported device, such as another laptop or a Windows phone, then use it to unlock a Windows 10 machine via a PIN or gesture.

Microsoft Passport, combined with Windows Hello's biometric user authentication, could make the archaic character password system a thing of the past.

Malware protection

Device Guard provides protection against malware. The Windows 10 Enterprise operating system will only run code that is signed by trusted signers while using Device Guard.

Organizations can lock down devices while Device Guard protects against new and unknown malware threats. IT administrators decide what is trustworthy. They can go back and sign Universal or Win32 apps that have not been signed by software vendors. 

This doesn't mean you won't still need a strong anti-virus software. But it does help.

Other improvements

User account controls have also been improved for Windows 10, as well as, SmartScreen, Auditing Settings, Integrity Controls and more. With all of these enhancements, there's no doubt that Windows 10 is much more secure. However, there are some downsides you'll want to consider as well.

We've shared several issues users have been reporting so far. Click here to see 10 reasons why you might not want to make the switch to Windows 10, and compare the pros and cons.

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