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Get a free PC from Microsoft - here's how

Get a free PC from Microsoft - here's how

After months and months of pushing users to update to Windows 10, Microsoft is sweetening the deal. Microsoft wants you to get Windows 10 so badly that the company is offering a great incentive that will probably make you want to try and upgrade immediately.

Can you say "free computer?" Microsoft is offering you a free computer if they are not able to successfully upgrade your old one. And if your PC is too old to get Windows 10, you can get $150. It sounds crazy but it's true!

The Offer:

This is how the free computer from Microsoft offer works.

  1. Your computer must be eligible for the free upgrade and running Windows 8 or newer. You can find out if it is eligible for the free upgrade by installing the Get Windows 10 app on your computer and checking your upgrade status.
  2. Make an appointment at a Microsoft Store. You must check your eligible computer into the Answer Desk before noon. To find the nearest Microsoft Store, click here.
  3. They have until the end of the business day during regular store hours to complete the Windows 10 installation. You will receive a free Dell Inspiron 15 if they are unsuccessful with the installation.

If you have tried to update your computer to Windows 10 and it didn't work, take Microsoft up on this offer. You might get a new PC!

What about it if your computer doesn't meet the eligibility requirements? Microsoft is still offering you a deal. They will give you $150 toward a new computer when you recycle your old one.

Why are they doing this?

You can speculate why Microsoft is going such extremes to get people moved over to Windows 10. For starters, Windows 10 includes advertising. The more people using it, the more they can charge for the ads.

In addition, think of the app developers. They need more people to use their apps in order to justify putting money in development. Microsoft has its own app store along with apps that they charge one time or monthly subscriptions.

There's also the support and constant flow of updates. It costs Microsoft big money to keep supporting and updating older operating systems. If they can move people to the current OS, they are saving money in the long run.

What about Windows 10

Functionality wise, Windows 10 is already a huge improvement over older versions. It's fast, secure, and comes with the user-friendly web browser Edge. Plus, a big "whew," Windows 10 brought back the Start menu that had disappeared from Windows to almost everyone's disapproval. More great features are expected when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is released August 2. Click here for more details on these new Windows 10 features.

But there are also some downsides to the new operating system. Take a look at the top 10 reasons you might not want to switch.

If you want to take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10, time is running out. If you don't upgrade your system to Windows 10 by July 29, you'll have to pay $119 to get it. So hurry up before it's too late!

The fine print

As you might expect, there are those fine print details you need to read to make sure your computer qualifies for the free computer offer.

You can find all the details on the Microsoft site. Click here to learn more.

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