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Top Story: New Trojan spies on and blackmails victims

Top Story: New Trojan spies on and blackmails victims

Have you ever felt like you're being watched? If you accidentally installed this new Trojan on your computer, then you have good reason to feel that way.

We've told you about apps that can tap into your microphone and why you should cover up your computer's web cam. But spying doesn't always come in the form you'd expect. Sometimes you don't even know that it's happening until it's already too late.

Recent reports of a new form of malware called "Delilah" have proved just that. Security experts are calling Delilah the "first of its kind," since the malware uses code that combines social engineering, extortion and ransomware.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means that this code is so sophisticated it can spy on victims until it has collected enough information to "strike". And by "strike," we mean blackmail you.

It might sound silly, or may even be easy to think, "There's nothing that could be used to blackmail me," but you'd be surprised. Delilah allows hackers to access your webcam to spy on you, but it also monitors what you do online.

When it has gathered enough information about your personal life, including things that you probably don't want exposed to the world, the software then triggers the ransomware. During this phase, if you don't pay the ransom fee all of the information Delilah has collected on you will be made public.

As of right now, experts believe that Delilah is being installed onto computers through gaming sites and sites that feature adult content.

Luckily, the early versions of Delilah that have been found are still a bit buggy, which means it is possible to detect the problem. According to reports, the malware can cause your screen to freeze repeatedly due to the amount of screenshots it's taking. If your computer or smartphone has this virus, you may also notice strange error messages when you open your web cam.

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