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Have you fallen for any of these online hoaxes?

The saying used to be "you can't trust everything you read in the paper." That saying evolved into "you can't believe everything you see on television" and now it's turned into "you can't always believe what you read or see on the internet."

That's especially true after news broke that a company based in Australia called the Woolshed Company has come out and admitted it's created at least eight videos that went viral - and they were all fake.

To make things even more interesting, the company made a video compilation of just how badly it fooled the world when these videos captured headlines and garnered heavy media attention.

We even have showed you a few of these videos before. In one, Kelly Murphy, a 19-year-old Australian snowboarding in Japan, posted a video of her skiing with a bear chasing after her. We asked if it was a hoax and now we know the answer.

But the Woolshed Company didn't stop there. Here are the rest of the "fake" videos the company has published that have gone viral:



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