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Need a smile? Here are the 14 silliest questions ever posted online

Need a smile? Here are the 14 silliest questions ever posted online

The internet is an interesting place to say the least. Anyone can hop on and post almost anything they want, anywhere. Which leads us to Yahoo! Answers.

It's a forum where people can ask any kind of question they want the answer to, with the hopes of someone else in the forum providing a useful answer. Sounds innocent enough, but not everyone has the best questions to ask.

Case in point? There's an absolutely huge collection of all the best funny, silly and even dumb questions with snarky responses and answers on Reddit. Here's a collection of the best that are guaranteed to make you laugh, roll your eyes, get frustrated, then laugh again:

Q. Why can't we grow burger in tree?
A. I bought a burger bush in Transylvania last week. It takes 6 months to bloom and the meat will be ready to pick around Christmas time. 
burger tree


Q. What is a person from London called?
My neighbour is from London and he is called Rob.



Q. How do i unbake a cake? 
A. Put it back in the oven, set it to the negative of whatever temp you baked it at, such as -325 degrees, and leave it in for the same amount of time you baked it for. It has to be exact! if you unbake it too much the flour may turn into wheat and the eggs will turn into a chicken. Don't ask me how.



Q. Are Pokemon real i want to know? ?
A. Yes they are real, you just don't get to see them. The electric creatures such a Pikachu provide electricity for houses, the water ones provide the water for the ocean when it drains, the grass ones grow plants, and so on and so fourth. So the piece of lettuce was probably a bulbasaur.



Q. How do I download the internet? 
A. You just may need to go to Best Buy beforehand and ask them for an Internet megafloppy to save it.

download internet


Q. How old was Tom Brady when he was on the Brady Bunch?
im impressed that you know this. its a little known fact that tom brady was on the brady bunch. its even a littler known fact that he played the role of marsha. i figured more people would figure it out when he had his hair long (again) but surprisingly nobody noticed. he originally was cast for the role of greg but after seeing him in drag (tom used to frequently dress in drag when he went out) the director immediately witched him to marsha. theres a famous scene in the show when tom got hit in the face by a football. aside from being hilrious it was also when he decided he wanted to leave hollywood and play football. and the rest is history.....in case you don't know your history it went a little something like this. tom went to michigan, got drafted in the 6th round, sat behind bledsoe, sold his soul to the devil, watched the devil end bledsoes career, used the talent he got in exchange for his soul to win 3 superbowls, and now has to drink the blood of a bald eagle every other year to keep his golden arm.

Now to answer your question about how old he was. i believe the show was filmed sometime in the late 1800's. right around when color tv first came out. if my math is right (and it always is) that would mean he was in his early 30's when he was on the show.



Q. How to get flushed dentures back?
You will have to take the toilet off and see if they are still in your pipes. If they aren't, they have gone to the sewer and are gone.

fushed dentures


Q. My friend said he hopes I don't reproduce, what does that mean? Well, I was confused about what salt water was made of so I asked my friend. He looked at me funny and said, "I really hope you don't reproduce." What does that mean? I only asked him a simple question... And since he never answered it, what IS salt water made out of cause I still don't know.



Q. Where is the Internet located ?? And is it open to the public? Would like to take my son to see it on vacation.
A. The internet is located at the North Pole. You can see it when you fly a trans-polar route. Usually the pilot will point it out as you fly over.



Q. How do i remove my eyeball? I want to live for a while like a blind person, so i wanna remove my eyes. what is the way that has the littlest blood and the littlest eye damage? and how should I clean up the blood later? and how should i put them back in?



Q. I caught my imaginary boyfriend cheating on me, what should I do?
A. Remove his batteries.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.05.53 PM


Q. Was the movie "The Lion King" based on a true story?
Sure, I know loads of lions who talk.



Q. How big is the specific ocean?
A. Can you be more pacific?



Q. Is Christian Bale a Christian since his name is Christian? His parents must have named him Christian for some reason?
A. Is Mitt Romney a baseball glove?



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