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Windows users have 15 days, or else...

Windows users have 15 days, or else...
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Microsoft is building a new reputation for its intrusive reminders about the upcoming deadline for the free Windows 10 upgrade. By now, you're probably growing tired of the constant reminders popping up on your screen, and having to watch for those sneaky automatic updates.

But the truth is, if you're currently using an older version of Windows, you really are running out of time to grab this upgrade for free.

If you've followed the Happening Now section on Komando.com for the past several months you've heard the date July 29 once or twice. That's because this is the official deadline Microsoft has assigned as the cutoff for the free Windows 10 upgrade. Take a quick glance at your calendar, and you'll see that time has crept up on us. The deadline is now only 15 days away. After that, upgrading to Windows 10 will cost $119.

So the question is: Should you make the change?

We've talked a great deal about the pros and cons of Windows 10, hoping to help anyone who is still on the fence to make an informed decision. Like any operating system, there are features you'll love, features you'll hate and features that make you feel indifferent. To make things easier, we've narrowed it down to our top three pros and cons you should consider.


1. Better security: Microsoft says the operating system will have new security features added to Windows Hello, which is a layer of security that employs facial recognition, iris scanning or fingerprint authentication for user sign-ins. If you're a Windows 10 user, Hello is already available in your Settings menu, under Accounts >> Sign-in options. However, new updates will let you use Hello to sign in to various apps and websites.

2. Better sketching: Windows Ink and the Ink Workspace will bring overhauled stylus features. You will be able to get to a whiteboard or screen capture tool from any app. There will also be a better version of Sticky Notes with Cortana support.

3. Cortana improvements: Digital assistant Cortana is said to be smarter in Windows 10. Cortana will be able to handle certain tasks on the lock screen. She can answer questions, play music or set reminders without the user having to be logged into the computer separately.

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1. Data collection: Windows 10 collects more information about you than any other operating system in history. Microsoft says it needs that information to make your experience better. Notably, that includes the voice-activated personal assistant Cortana, whether it's giving you driving directions or telling you how to spell "irritating." The problem is, in Windows 10, it's almost impossible to easily see what information Microsoft is collecting about you, and why they need it.

2. Advertisements: In Windows 10, Microsoft advertises apps when you click on the Start menu. Those are apps that you don't have, probably don't want, and don't need that Microsoft puts onto your list of apps anyway. The worst part is when you open your Start menu, those apps are prominently featured. So, you can't help but look at them.

3. Aggressive updates: Microsoft has been so aggressive in suggesting you upgrade from your current version of Windows to Windows 10 that it has taken on comical proportions. And, once you upgrade to Windows 10, one of the largest complaints is that it's constantly running system updates. This is great for security purposes, but also becomes frustrating when you're trying to get work done.

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