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New contender rivals Apple Watch - this time it’s met its match

Another interesting rumor is coming out of Android Land. Last week, we revealed that Google may be working on their own smartphone, and today, reports are circulating that the company is also building its own line of smartwatches.

The new Google-made smartwatches may be Nexus branded, the reports say, and two models are in the pipeline.

The first watch, code-named "Angelfish," will be a larger wearable with LTE capability built in. It will also have an on-board heart rate monitor and GPS. This means it is a fully independent, stand-alone smartwatch, like the Samsung Gear S, without the need for smartphone pairing.

The second watch, code-named "Swordfish," is the smaller and thinner model with interchangeable bands and a side crown reminiscent of the Apple Watch design.

This model will not have internal LTE or GPS capability, and the reports doubt that it will have a built-in heart rate monitor, too. This model will likely require smartphone tethering, again similar to how the Apple Watch operates.

Both smartwatches may have Google Assistant integration and quick access notifications with the latest Wear 2.0 watch faces, both upcoming features that Google has unveiled recently. Pretty cool stuff.

The release dates of these new Google smartwatches is still unknown, but we won't be surprised if they're pegged for release later this year in conjunction with their rumored internally manufactured smartphone.

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