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Netflix comes to cable - here's where you can get it

Netflix comes to cable - here's where you can get it
Courtesy of Netflix

Exciting news has been coming from Netflix lately. Just a few weeks ago, the company announced that a new feature would allow users to download their favorite shows for offline streaming. And now, streaming is getting even easier.

Netflix began primarily as a DVD subscription service in the late 1990s. They pivoted a few years later into a web streaming service, taking advantage of growing mobile technology and faster Internet speeds. Now they have come up with another way to make it into your television.

Comcast and Netflix are teaming up to change the way you watch TV. Netflix is one of the most popular web streaming services around with over 81 million subscribers worldwide. I'll tell you how they are trying to expand their base even more.

Comcast announced Tuesday that they are going to allow their customers to get Netflix on their set-top box. The cable giant is going to incorporate the web streaming service into its X1 platform. Customers will have seamless access to content offered by both companies. The service is expected to be available sometime later this year.

Netflix already has similar deals with smaller cable companies around the country and larger ones around the world. The Netflix app can also be found on Internet TV services like Apple, Roku and Google's Chromecast, as well as being embedded in smart televisions.

The move comes after a long history of contention between the two companies. Netflix accused Comcast back in 2012 of violating net neutrality principles. They claimed the cable company was favoring its own web video service over others when it comes to data usage.

Government regulators have previously proposed a rule requiring cable operators to unlock their set-top boxes to more choices. Comcast representatives say the deal with Netflix is unrelated. The deal does show the X1 box is not just an old-fashioned cable box and can be used as a web video platform.

It's an exciting time for Comcast subscribers but all of the details about the agreement are not yet known. Keep an eye on our Happening Now section for updates as we get them.

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