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Facebook just made a major change to your newsfeed

Facebook is constantly making changes and tweaks to its site in order to bring you the best user experience possible. One of the major features of Facebook that is always changing is the News Feed. It's been through several redesigns since it was introduced in 2006.

But as Facebook users amass more friends and click "Like" on more companies, organizations, artists, celebrities, retail stores and more, the News Feed could quickly become clogged and bogged down with posts you might not necessarily care about.

What about the posts you do care about? The one of your granddaughter taking her first steps? Your son graduating from college? Your cousin's birthday party pictures?  Your best friend's new job announcement?

What Facebook users have been telling the company is that they want the priority of their feeds to be comprised of the people that are close to them - friends and family. They want to see these posts ahead of, let's say, a store offering you 15 percent off of your order.

So now, you'll notice that your friends and family will come first. This change will happen automatically, so there's no action you need to take, unless you want to take this opportunity to fine-tune your Facebook settings.

You can control what you see in your news feed with a few clicks. You can customize your settings by selecting the Down arrow in the top right corner of the post. Select "Unfollow," "Hide' or "See First." (See first will be rolled out eventually.)

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