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New iPhone rival will blow you away

New iPhone rival will blow you away

Smartphone lovers, brace yourselves for this exciting new rumor. Could there be a new handset in the works that could rival the iPhone's singular dominance?

Reports indicate that there is. And better yet, it is coming from the only company who could possibly pull it off.

Telegraph recently revealed that Google is planning to release its own smartphone by the end of this year. According to their sources, the tech company is in talks with mobile operators to release an internally designed Google branded handset.

This is significantly different from the Nexus handsets that companies like LG or Huawei produce. Instead of merely designing the Android software and leaving the manufacturing aspect to the Google partner companies, the new handset will be built solely by Google. Aside from the software, reports say that Google plans on taking more control over the design and manufacturing of said device.

Currently, with the multitude of hardware makers implementing the Android operating system differently, their main concern is the fragmentation of how the software looks and feels across different devices. A fully controlled Google handset will likely ensure a more consistent experience in line with their specific vision for smartphones in general.

This will be more in line with the business philosophy for the iPhone, where the marriage of software and hardware is tightly dictated by Apple. If Google follows suit and keeps a tight rein on every aspect of the device, they are in a better position to take a head to head battle against Apple in the high end smartphone market. Although four out of five smartphones globally run on Google's Android operating system, Apple is still the market leader for premium handset brands.

What does this mean to other companies like Samsung or HTC, though, who still produce Android handsets now and in the foreseeable future? Rest assured, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in Code 2016 last month that they will still continue to support Nexus phones and their plan is still to work with other manufacturers.

This is certainly great news for Google and Android fans everywhere but keep in mind that the Google branded phone is still a rumor at this point and nothing official has come out from Google yet.

We will keep a close watch on this so check back for any updates.

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