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3 missing women met the same man online

3 missing women met the same man online
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As great as the Internet is, it has a very dark and sinister side. Drugs run rampant on the Dark Web, people are able to hire hitmen, and it's often where predators stalk for prey of all ages and all interests. 

One investigation currently underway is a dark reminder how important it is to remember that the person on the other side of the screen might not be as they seem.

72-year-old Nancy Rae Hartz, 65-year-old Verna Clayton and 72-year old Neva Jane Lindley had all cashed out all of their life savings accounts after beginning relationships with a man they met online ... the same man. 

All three had met a man online, which authorities believe to be 69-year-old Robert Carnochan, and set out to take cross country RV trips or set to live out the rest of their days, in love and in the middle of nowhere. 

All three women lived within 100 miles of each other, two in Arizona and one in Nevada, all three met Carnochan online and all three have been missing for a considerable amount of time. 

Coincidentally, Carnochan was arrested years ago for untreated identity theft, forgery and weapons violations. After learning that in the Hartz case that the man she was with was using a stolen identity, a search warrant was issued and authorities were able to make connections and draw the line from Carnochan to Hartz, Clayton and Lindley. 

The investigation, however, is still underway, but Denise Baggs, Nancy Hartz's daughter, is convinced Carnochan is responsible. After meeting him in 2015, Baggs said they begged her mother not to go "live out in the middle of nowhere" with Carnochan. Hartz was reported missing a mere four months later.

Since then, Baggs has been to every single one of Carnochan's hearings, telling the Associated Press, "I want him to tell me where he left my mother, and I know she's not alive," Baggs said.

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