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Top Story: LogMeIn accounts hacked? Update your password now

Top Story: LogMeIn accounts hacked? Update your password now
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Just a few days ago, we let you know about the password reuse attempts at big name companies like GoToMyPC. Now, it looks like another company is joining the ranks and urging its customers to reset their passwords.

LogMeIn.com, which is another remote desktop service like GoToMyPC, has also issued password resets. However, it doesn't appear that the company has been hacked, or experienced a data breach.

Instead, LogMeIn is taking a precaution to hopefully protect customers whose information was obtained during the LinkedIn, Tumblr and MySpace hacks.

As part of its security measures, LogMeIn cross-checked the login credentials of its customers against a list that contained the stolen passwords from those breaches. And, as a result, customers that appeared to have used the same password were prompted to reset it immediately.

For once, this sudden action appears to have been a proactive measure, rather than a necessary response to a breach or hack. So, if you have a LogMeIn account and have noticed that your password is no longer working, this could be the reason why.

Check your email for a notification from LogMeIn. But be careful. Hackers often use news like this to create convincing phishing scams and trick people into giving them even more information. Here's what you need to look for to ensure the email you've received is legitimate.

  • Check the sending email address. It should be issued directly from LogMeIn.
  • Do not trust an email sent from any other address, even if the sender nickname appears to be legitimate.
  • The request to reset your password should take you to directly to a LogMeIn page, so check the URL closely.
  • The password reset process should not require that you download or run any type of software, so if you're prompted to take either of these actions, do not proceed any further.

As you reset your login credentials, it's also important that you create a strong password that is unique from other online accounts that you own. Avoid these five password mistakes that are far too common, and use these tricks to create secure passwords that are still easy to remember.

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