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These browsers kill your laptop's battery

These browsers kill your laptop's battery

Which web browser are you using to read this? Could it have a direct impact on your laptop’s battery? You've probably never given the subject much thought before, but it turns out, not all browsers are created equal. 

Microsoft set out to find the answer, testing Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera against its Microsoft Edge browser. Who is the clear winner?

For the experiment, Microsoft put four identical laptops on a desk, side by side. Each laptop was unplugged and began streaming a video, with each laptop using a different browser. The results were filmed in a time-lapse video:

As you can see from the video, (Surprise! Surprise!) Microsoft Edge goes home the winner, lasting seven hours and 22 minutes.

Google Chrome was the first to power off at four hours and 19 minutes in, followed by Firefox at five hours and nine minutes, then Opera at six hours and 18 minutes.

If that's not enough to convince you to start using the Edge browser, Microsoft conducted a few more tests to prove that its the best in the business.

The next test used a special program to make each browser run the same tasks on Windows 10: opening new tabs, time on Facebook, streaming video on YouTube, searching Google and so on. The program was able to measure total power consumption and put all the stats in a handy little chart. Here are those results:


No surprise here. Microsoft Edge again, is the clear winner and this time Firefox comes in as the biggest power hog, using 3,161 megawatts consumed for the session. Opera clocked in with 3,077 megawatts, followed by Chrome with 2,819.

Is it time for you to change browsers?

If you don't know which browser you're using, the site What Browser Am I Using? will tell you. It'll also let you know if you're using the newest version of that browser. That's important because most web browsers regularly issue updates and security patches, so you'll want to use the newest one.

If you decide it's time to switch, there are lots of options. First, you'll want to read this tip on how to find the best browser for you. While Chrome and Firefox failed Microsoft's tests, there are still other reasons why you might want to use them.

Once you decide which browser you want to switch to, follow these links to get the downloads:

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