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Top Story: Warning! GoToMyPC hit by hackers - change passwords now

It wasn't too long ago that Facebook and Netflix issued an urgent warning for users to change their passwords. And it wasn't because the two tech giants had been hacked, but rather because of how frequently people use the same passwords for multiple accounts. The warning came after it was discovered that a whopping 64 percent of passwords that were stolen from LinkedIn were "123456." (Click here for more details if you missed this story.)

Now, another tech giant is issuing a warning for users to change their passwords - but this time, it was a hack that caused the concern.

GoToMyPC, a remote desktop access service from Citrix, has reported a "sophisticated" attack on users' passwords. The company has released a statement that explains the attack was critical enough that a password reset will be automatically prompted the next time you try to log in to your account. The statement says, "To protect you, the security team recommended that we reset all customer passwords immediately."

Users first began to notice issues on Saturday when they were prompted to reset their passwords before logging in. Hours later, GoToMyPC officially began to issue notifications of the attack, and warn users accordingly.

If you use GoToMyPC to access your desktop remotely, you should change your password immediately. But don't stop there. If you use that same password for any other account, you should change it there too.

Also, when you update your login information, use this as an opportunity to create a secure password that is not easily hacked. Don't use passwords that are too simple or too short. There are also three other password mistakes that will put you at risk of being hacked down the road. Click here to see what they are, and learn how to avoid them.

If you need help creating a secure password that's still easy to remember, click here for tips that are proven to work.

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