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Recall alert: Laptop battery packs recalled for fire hazard

Out of all the bugs, glitches and things that could go wrong with your computer, an overheating battery could be the worst one. Not only can it completely render your computer useless, but it could cause a devastating fire too.

With that in mind, if you have a Sony laptop, you'll want to see what type of battery it has. That's because Sony is recalling around 1,700 lithium-ion battery packs made by Panasonic. They are installed in 18 different Vaio Series models throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Here's a list of the battery serial numbers of the laptops that are being recalled.

  • SVE15132CXW
  • SVE15134CXP
  • SVE15134CXS
  • SVE15134CXW
  • SVE15139OX
  • SVE1513APXS
  • SVE1513BCXS
  • SVE1513JCXW
  • SVE1513KCXS
  • SVE1513MCXB
  • SVE1513MCXW
  • SVE1513MPXS
  • SVE1513RCXB
  • SVE1513RCXS
  • SVE1513RCXW
  • SVE1513TCXW
  • SVE17139OX

Meanwhile, the model number of the recalled battery pack, which was also sold separately, is VGP-BPS26 and the part number is 1-853-237-11 or 1-853-237-21.

If you have one of these models, stop using it immediately. You can request a free battery pack replacement by calling Sony at 888-476-6988 or contact a representative through Sony Support.

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