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Top Story: Watch out! 'Cyber Jihad' is coming from ISIS!

A new front for Islamic terrorists is emerging and it is being called the New Great Equalizer. Hold on to your seats, a large scale attack may be looming. You have to know about this. Unfortunately, this type of news is not always reported by the mainstream media.

In a new study conducted by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) revealed that terrorists are now arming themselves with technological and technical skills for targeting online systems that support Western businesses and infrastructure. (Note: I have a link to the complete study at the end of this article if you want to read the whole thing. It's actually quite interesting.)

This directly impacts anyone who uses the internet or relies on the internet for business or personal reasons.

Dubbed as "Cyber-Jihadists", these terrorists communicate via the Dark Web to exchange attack ideas, solicit services from hacker mercenaries and purchase readily available malware for mass distribution.

"They do not solely seek to exfiltrate valuable data or information," the report warns, "These threat actors seek to cause chaos, disrupt operations, and inflict devastating impacts on organizations in every critical sector."

As they try to amass resources and evolve their technological skills, the Cyber-Jihad movement is also aiming to recruit via Jihadist chat rooms and social media platforms.

They're targeting socially disenfranchised citizens and radicals who may not have the technical expertise yet, but have the physical access and insider info to the Western institutions and targets they wish to disrupt.

You really need to be careful as ISIS moves online in a big way. It's not just recruiting and communication efforts. Experts in terrorism are expecting a rise in ISIS-distributed malware and online operatives.

Next page: Keep reading to see how ISIS uses technology for recruiting and planning of attacks.
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