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9 old gadgets worth thousands on eBay

9 old gadgets worth thousands on eBay

Have any old tech sitting around your house or office? Now may be the time for you to get your act together and sell it all on eBay. Surprisingly, there are some old gadgets that are now worth a lot of money. It's time to start looking! Money is waiting for you online!

1. iPod Classic


Do you have a first generation iPod? This iPod Classic is listed on eBay for nearly $4,000. If this iPod Classic still has its box it is considered a collector's item.

2. Nokia 3210


Remember when you had a Nokia and played Snake all day long? If you still have your old Nokia you could fetch around $50. If it's in its box, like this one, you could sell it for up to $135. One Nokia in the U.K., however, reportedly sold for around $7,000.

3. Playstation 1


Emerging on the market in 1997, the PlayStation took the world by storm. Now, if you want to sell your original PlayStation, it could easily pay for the PlayStation 5 coming out soon. This one, listed as sealed in its original box, is going for $1,450. Others in the same condition range from $500 to $800.

4. Sony Walkman Cassette Player


Cassette tapes are making a comeback. So are cassette tape players. This USED Sony Walkman is selling for $2,900. Others hover around the asking price of $500 to $1000.

5. Sony Walkman CD Player


It seems like we just put CDs into extinction. Wrong. This packaged portable Sony Walkman CD Player is up for sale for $1,999.

6. Game Boy Advance


All models and makes of Nintendo's Game Boy can bring in some sweet loot. There are special editions that can go for thousands, but even this standard Game Boy can bring in $1,500.

7. Game Boy Games


What's a Game Boy without the games? This complete set of games is selling for $2,699, while some other individual games, like Harvest Moon 2, Tiny Tunes Adventures and Doom II could bring you $1,899 or $1,000 respectively.

8. The Original iPhone


This tiny piece of history could be yours for $25,000. Or, you could sell this piece of history for $25,000. Time to see if you still have yours!

9. Polaroid SLR 680


Digital cameras have taken some of the fun out of old Polaroid cameras, but not the value. This Polaroid camera could bring in as much as $850.

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