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5 reasons why you’ll want a new iPhone

5 reasons why you’ll want a new iPhone
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Right now, tech experts are gathering at Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) to get the inside scoop on the 2016 product lineup.

The WWDC is scheduled to last until June 17, but there have already been some major announcements. Here are five things we're excited about so far.

iOS 10: Voicemail transcript is a new feature that was announced for iOS10. With this new feature, you'll be able to automatically transcribe a voice message and send it via text message. The new iOS will also include better detection for spam calls, and will warn you if a number looks suspicious.

More options for Apple Pay: We anticipated person-to-person transactions as a new feature for Apple Pay, but the official announcement surprised us. Turns out, the big change to Apple Pay is that it will now be available online through Safari. TouchID will provide the authentication via your phone or Apple Watch, so you won't have to share your credit card information at the point of sale.

Apple Music gets a makeover: As one of Apple's newest platforms, Apple Music is getting a complete redesign. The music streaming app will now include larger, crisper artwork display for albums, as well as a "discover playlist" option and daily curated playlists that match the user's particular tastes.

MacOS: Changes are coming to Mac OS X, which will now be called MacOS, Sierra. We can expect this new operating system to be available this fall, but beta tests will begin as early as July. One feature that was revealed at the WWDS was called Universal Clipboard, which is basically a beefed up "copy/paste" feature that allows data to be copied and pasted between multiple devices.

Other features we can expect from the new OS include storage improvements and the ability to save your entire desktop to the cloud and access it from other computers. It was also confirmed that Sierra will feature Siri.

New features for Apple Watch: Changes are in store for the operating system of the Apple Watch as well, which will now become watchOS 3. This new OS is expected to improve the loading speed of apps, thanks to background refreshing. Navigation on the Apple Watch will also be improved and a "dock" feature will be available that lets users scroll through their apps.

Additional features include a new keyboard called Scribble, which lets users draw letters rather than typing them, and a new SOS feature that calls 911 in an emergency.

Keep following the Happening Now section for more updates from Apple as they happen.

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