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Windows 10 settings to uninstall now

Windows 10 settings to uninstall now

As part of its big Windows 10 Summer Anniversary, Microsoft is really pushing users to update to Windows 10. In fact, if you were using an older version of Windows, the upgrade could have happened automatically. Click here to see the sneaky way Microsoft is doing this.

If you are just starting out with Windows 10, there are some settings you should update right away.

1. Stop annoying notifications

Some people like to receive notifications for every little thing, but many find it incredibly annoying. If you're one of the latter, you'll want to adjust your Windows 10 notification settings right away.

To do this, go into the Windows 10 Action Center. You'll find the Action Center in your Settings app. Just go to System, then Notifications & Actions. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like:

Windows 10 1

Once you're in the Notifications & Actions section, you'll see a list of the notifications that are currently on for your system. Review these notifications, and turn off any you don't want.

2. Turn off Cortana's learning

While you're in your Settings menu, go ahead and jump over to the Speech, Inking, & Typing section. Here, you'll have the ability to turn off Cortana's learning feature.

Cortana is a personal assistant that can respond to voice commands to help you find what you need. To do this, Cortana tries to learn how you use your device, and even how you think. It learns by identifying patterns in the things you type, but if you think about it, the software is essentially spying on you to learn your behavior.

Windows 10 settings

Put a stop to this by clicking, "Stop getting to know me."

3. Running apps in the background

Just like the apps on your smartphone, some Windows 10 apps are constantly running. That is, unless you tell them not to.

Windows 10 settings apps running

To stop apps from constantly running in the background (which can be a huge drain on your battery life, by the way), jump over to the "Background Apps" section of the Settings menu. Here, you'll see a list of every Windows 10 app on your device. Just click the tabs to turn background running off.

Psst... Want more Windows 10 tips? Click here and see how you can add shortcuts to your Start menu.

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